You will undoubtedly have noticed your Golden Retriever panting from time to time. Golden Retrievers can pant differently. It can be alarming if this seems unusual. Why do Golden Retrievers pant so often?

To cool down and oxygenate their blood, Golden Retrievers puddle to cool off. Dogs have fewer sweat glands and are less efficient than humans. Exercise, play, stress, and pain increase the body’s oxygen demand and heat. The dog’s oxygen intake is increased by wearing pants, while the heat from evaporative heat loss cools it.



What is Panting?

All dogs can pant—Golden Retrievers pant. Panting is something that even humans can do. What is panting, and why does it exist?

Panting refers to breathing with a short, fast breath and an open mouth. The tongue is most prominent in dogs. After intense bursts like sprints, humans often pant to catch their breath.

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Panting serves two purposes.

First, panting can be used to bring oxygen to the blood. Your dog’s body will use more oxygen if playing with other dogs than when resting. To meet the increased demand and keep the muscles oxygenated, the dog’s respiration is increased, and the dog wears more air.

Stress and excitement can increase heart rate and cause more muscle oxygen to be needed. This can lead to an increased respiratory rate (panting and heavy breathing) to meet the demand.

Second, dogs’ panting is a cooling method. Unfortunately, not all mammals, including dogs, lack the same sweat glands as humans. Because they don’t sweat as much as we do, they are less efficient at cooling themselves. Dogs can cool off by panting. Dogs can cool themselves by using evaporative heat losses. The dog’s respiratory rate increases with an increase in body temperature.

Cooling is caused by the exchange of hotter air in the lungs with cooler external air and water evaporation within the lungs, mouth, and nose. Evaporative cooling can cause water loss in the pant. It is essential to ensure enough water is available to rehydrate the body to maintain heat regulation.


Why Golden Retriever Panting


Cooling off

As we have discussed, Golden Retrievers can pant to cool down. When the weather is hot, the Golden Retriever will often pant to cool itself.

Anything that increases body temperature will increase respiratory rate and panting, which can cause evaporative heat losses. It could be too hot inside the house, or the blow dryer could be used after a too-warm bath.


Happy Excitement

When they are happy or excited, dogs can sometimes pant. When I take Bailey, my Golden Retriever, to doggie daycare, Bailey gets excited as I get ready. He knows the routine, and he is very excited about the way.

The slight increase in panting is due to the increased heart rate and the corresponding increase in oxygen and cooling.

Sometimes, the panting is so subtle that you might not notice it. This is more like light breathing but can be distinguished by the dog’s tongue sticking out.



Play and Exercise

Golden Retrievers love to play and exercise, making them very active dogs. You will often see a Golden Retriever pawning after a run, walk or romp with his best friend.

Playing is physically demanding. It increases oxygen demand and the heart rate. It also raises the core body temperature. Panting helps oxygenate your dog’s lungs and blood to meet the higher oxygen demand for his heart and muscles.

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Fear, Stress, Anxiety, and Stress

When your Golden Retriever feels anxious or stressed, you may experience panting. Separation anxiety, fear of the unknown, and vet visits are all common triggers. While excitement can be elicited by a trip to doggie daycare or a car ride, fear, stress, and anxiety can trigger a flight response.


You may notice your Golden Retriever’s pants becoming more noticeable as it gets older. Due to arthritis and joint problems, elderly dogs might have difficulty moving around.

Older dog’s may have difficulty climbing stairs, keeping cool, and exercising. Your senior Golden might pant more due to discomfort and normal aging effects.

Puppies might pant because of their youthful enthusiasm. Puppies can pant because of their youthful exuberance.

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Allergy-Induced Panting in Golden Retrievers

Your Golden Retriever is a naturally curious breed and may be able to eat or interact with allergens. Allergy reactions can cause swellings, irritations, mood changes, and even change. Your Golden’s rate of panting will increase. It is a good idea to take your dog to the vet if you suspect that they are experiencing an allergic reaction.



Health Conditions

You may also experience excessive panting if you have a medical condition.

Excessive panting can be caused by the following:

  • Fever is a sign of illness or infection.
  • The operation, such as being Spayed or Neutered – because of pain and anxiety
  • Toxicity caused by grapes and Ibuprofen. Or alcohol poisoning, such as from wine or beer.
  • Cushing Disease: Excessive production of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Conditions like cancer, heart disease, or respiratory problems with the lungs
  • Obesity may lead to dog panting due to the increased insulation from fat and added weight. This can make it more difficult to move.
  • Arthritic joints and joint issues, particularly in older dogs
  • Injuries
  • Bloat
  • Medications

Your veterinarian can determine if your Golden Retriever needs to be brought to the clinic if your dogs panting because of a medical condition.

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How to Control the Excessive Panting of a Golden Retriever

There are proven ways to get your Golden Retriever to stop panting if you can determine that it is normal behavior and not due to injury or illness.

  • Give them cold water. Cooling your Golden Retriever with cold water can help to stop him panting. On hot sunny days, your Golden Retriever must have easy access to cool water.
  • A cool bath may help. Golden Retrievers are double-coated and need to cool down on hot days. Cool baths can help to lower the internal temperature of Golden Retrievers, which may reduce their need to pant. A cool bath can help reduce heat stroke and heat exhaustion if your Golden has been exposed to excessive heat.
  • Shade is often a good thing. Your Golden Retriever should be able to enjoy the sun outdoors in a shaded area. Shade is important for Golden Retrievers when they play, walk or train in the heat.
  • Take your Golden Retriever out after dark.
  • Get a fan. The hot Golden Retrievers love a cool breeze. A fan can help remove excess heat from your dog’s body. This is particularly helpful if your dog is constantly waking up from sleep at night.
  • Comfort your Golden. Attention is important for Golden Retrievers. It is essential when they are anxious. Your dog’s comfort will calm and soothe him, restoring his regular breathing.
  • Avoid allergens and injuries. Golden Retrievers can easily come in contact with allergens or even get hurt during play. You should make sure to check your dog after a long day. If you observe any unusual behavior, call your vet immediately.
  • Monitor Exercise. Watch out for excessive panting if you are exercising with your Golden Retriever. Excessive panting and a slow response dog can indicate excessive exercise.

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