Dogs are highly intelligent animals and can easily discover how to open doors. They often use their natural intelligence and problem-solving skills to work out how to manipulate door handle’s, latches, knobs, or other mechanisms.

Dogs can learn many skills to improve their owners’ lives, including opening doors. This is not an instinctive behavior and can be difficult for smaller dogs. However, service dog’s with Labradors can usually learn how to open doors.

They may also learn from observing the behavior of humans using the door. Dogs have even been observed using their paws to press buttons on automatic doors to gain access! In some cases, dogs are trained specifically for this purpose by owners who live in multi-family dwellings.



Why did dogs want to open door?

I wanted to find out why Jonas was doing this. Was he trying to escape or go somewhere he was not allowed to?

Dogs are naturally curious like their wolf ancestors. They love to see what’s going on inside and outside the house. They enjoy being free to roam and will open all doors to see the world beyond.

Modern life only offers a few options for dogs to satisfy their curiosity. Your dog will often look everywhere to discover mysteries.

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How can you know a dog can open the door?

The door or squeezing on it that they want the door to open for them. You may notice your dog watching you when you open or close the door. You might see them tilting their heads to the side, wondering how it opens, or they may whine outside.

Although young dogs can learn the art of opening doors, older dogs are likelier to be adept at it. Once your dog has learned the trick of opening doors, it must be secure in its outside environment. Dogs can’t unlock the doors and be found on the streets by opening them.

Dogs who know that the handle opens the door will paw at it as it moves, but training will help them to do the entire action of opening the door and passing through the opening. A dog trainer can help you get started if you suspect your dog might be a door opener. Once your dog is a master door opener, they will inspect your home to ensure safety.



What is the reason dogs are opening doors?

Behaviorists know that working dogs are more likely to be protective and helpful than their companions. Dogs that are more intelligent and eager to please can learn new actions and enjoy helping their owners. They are social and eager to help their owners.

Dogs thrive when given tasks. They are not content to be left out of the daily life around the house. You can see the pride in a dog’s attitude after they have brought you your slippers or fetched the paper from their front yard.

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Can a dog be trained to open doors?

One of the easiest domestic tasks is training your dog to open the doors. It all depends on your dog’s size. If your dog is a little “Yorkie,” opening the door handle will be difficult. If your dog can target and is medium in size, you will soon be able to teach it the steps needed to open a door.

To target a dog, they must focus on a target (usually a sticky note) and tap their nose or paw on it to get a reward. To teach door opening to a dog, a simple command such as “open” should be used in conjunction with the note tapping. When they do this confidently, the sticky note will move to the handle next to your dog’s door.

Encourage your dog to aim for the note at a different spot. Your dog will learn to target the note by placing its paw on it and saying ‘open.’



How to Fix door opening Behavior?

You can quickly fix this problem by replacing the handles on your doors with round knobs. This will make it nearly impossible for your dog to open the doors.

Many people don’t think replacing the knobs on their doors is an option. But there are other options. Install a child-proof locking mechanism on your door. Your dog might still try to grab it, but eventually, they will realize it doesn’t work and stop trying.

You can also stop your dog from doing this by locking the doors to the rooms that you don’t want them in. They will initially try, but they should soon realize it isn’t working.

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How to handle a dog opening sliding doors?

Before I began researching this article, it was not my knowledge that dogs would open sliding glass door’s. If your dog knows how to do this and you don’t want them going off on their own, this is the best way to stop them. It would be best if you first had a stopper for your sliding glass door’s. Cut a piece of wood to rest the track between the door and the wall. This will effectively lock the door for anyone outside or unable to move the stopper. To stop them from reaching the handle, you could place a screen protector on that side of your door. You can also install a dog door, so they don’t paw at the handle.



How to stop your dog from opening the refrigerator and cabinet door?

Is your dog able to open a refrigerator or cabinet door? Dogs often learn this skill while trying to find the trash can or figuring out where the yummy stuff is stored. Your dog will soon learn how to open doors of all types. If your dog is acting out, consider putting him in a crate. Another option is to put a barrier in the kitchen. You can install child-proof locks on your refrigerator or cabinet to prevent such behavior.


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