Pitbull ears growing up aren’t as loose as they were when they were puppies. They aren’t considered rosebud-shaped. Although they stand slightly, the lower half of their ears still folds over the top. The controversial Pit bull topic of ear cropping is not well-known. Some think it’s cruel and barbaric, while others believe it’s a perfectly acceptable procedure. We don’t recommend ear crop, but we will discuss this topic in this article.



What Pitbull’s natural ears look like?

Pitbulls have rosebud ears that can look like a rose if folded backward due to the position of the ear cartilage. Their natural ears resemble the ears of a Labrador or Whippet. Pitbulls look silly when their ears fold inward. This is particularly true for Pitbull puppies who are young and still growing into their large, floppy ears.

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What is Ear Cropping?

Pitbulls ear cropped mostly happens between 6-12 weeks of age. A veterinarian will often perform this procedure on an anesthetized pet. People will often cut dogs’ ears, especially when they are involved in underground dog fighting rings. The ears will often heal unevenly and appear lopsided after this procedure. Sometimes the ears are so close to the head that it looks like the dog doesn’t have any. This procedure should not be performed on dogs older than 12 weeks. It can cause permanent damage and extreme pain and require a longer recovery. The result you want may not be achieved even after the ears heal. They may still fall and not be able to stand straight.

If professionals perform the procedure, the floppy portion of the ear (called the pinna) is removed to allow the ears to stand straighter. For several weeks, the cut ears are taped to a rigid frame around the ears so that the ears heal upright.


Are there any benefits to Ear Cropping?

Owners claim that the Pit bull ear crop has many health benefits.



Reducing Infection

According to them, dogs with floppy ears are more likely to get ear infection’s than dogs with straight ears (i.e. pinna will ensure that your dog does not get ear infections. Although this sounds plausible, it is false. It has been shown that dogs are not at greater risk for developing infections by cropping their ears.

Chronic ear infections in Pitbulls can be caPitbull Ear Croppingused by allergies and not their ear shape. Also, dogs ear crop may make it worse.

The pinna is essential for keeping water and debris out of the dog’s inner ears. Dogs will not have protection for their ears to keep bugs, dirt, and water out.


Better Hearing

Owners also claim that getting rid of the floppy ear part will improve your dog’s hearing. This is also false. Dogs ear crop does not improve their hearing. Also, these benefits do not have any scientific evidence or support.

Your dog’s ears should not be trimmed. The surgery is cosmetic and done only because the owners love how it looks. The majority of vets do not perform this procedure.

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Some people like the appearance of cropped ears, believing that it makes the dog appear more aggressive. They may prefer a vicious dog if they use their Pitbull to protect their property or themselves. Floppy ears will not consistently achieve that look.

Most dog ear-cropping procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons. The historical reasons behind having the ears trimmed are no longer relevant if the dog is a pet.



False Beliefs

Dog owners believe that dogs with cropped ears have better hearing and fewer ear infections. These claims have not been proven to be true.

Cropped ears are supposed to allow sound to travel better through the ear canal without obstructing the pinna. This allows dogs to be more alert to predators. Floppy ears do not block pitbulls’ ears, and it isn’t known if dogs with cropped ears can hear better than those without.


Are Pitbulls with their ears cropped more dangerous and aggressive than straight ears?

People who see dogs with cropped ears are more likely to be scared of them than those with straight ears. The angular shapes and alertness give the impression that the dog has much to offer. Ear cropping is intended to make the ears look more intimidating and fierce. It is so effective that even its owners are deemed dangerous. Research from 2016 shows that people view pet owners whose ears are cut as “narcissistic” or prone to “social conflict.”

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Why you don’t need to Crop Your Pitbull ears?

Pitbull ear cropping can cause unnecessary pain and suffering. Moreover, this cosmetic procedure is done to achieve the owner’s desired look. A responsible owner should avoid this procedure.

The process of Pitbull ear crop does not have any health benefits.

Although owners claim that this causes fewer ear infections and improves hearing, there is not enough evidence to back these claims. A botched surgery can cause life-threatening infections or even further surgeries that could lead to the total loss of an entire ear. These complications can cause severe pain for your dog.

A puppy can suffer from trauma after a major operation at a young age. They might become anxious about their owners and may develop behavioral problems.

Erect ears are another contributing factor to the negative stigma surrounding Pitbull breeds.

Despite all the negatives, it isn’t easy to believe that ear clipping is still being supported.

According to the American Kennel Club, cropped ears are part and parcel of the breed standard. Conformation judges must adhere to breed standards. People may need help to adhere to these standards and could lose their winnings.




Ear cropping has deep historical roots. Since Ancient Roman times, this surgery has been practiced. This procedure is a reminder of the Pitbull’s brutal and horrific past. Also, this procedure has no health benefits. This procedure does not improve hearing or reduce ear infections.


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