What’s a Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull?

Two of the most famous Bully Pitbull lineages are Razor Edge and Gotti Pitbull bloodlines. While most people cannot tell the difference, the main distinction between them is their purity.

Gotti Pitbulls can be described as pure Pitbulls. Razor Edge Pitbulls can be described as a mix of several different breeds. This is also why only Gotti Pitbulls are UKC-recognized.

People have crossed Pitbull Gotti with Razor Edge to breed Razors Edge Gotti bully Pitbulls. Let’s find out more about this breed in this article.



Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull History

Razor Edge Gotti Pitbulls result from combining Gotti Pitbulls and Razor Edge Pitbulls. These breeds can be called “Pitbull,” but they are more accurately described as American Bullies.

This breed’s history is kinda confusing. The Razor Edge Pitbull was originally regular. Also, the line was later crossed with several other breeds. At least five breeds created the Razor Edge Pitbull. We don’t know the exact breeds used. According to the UKC breed standards, the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bulldog, Mastiff, and English Bulldog were most likely used.

Razor Edge was the first to start the American Bully movement, a decade before Gotti Pitbulls became a reality. Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale were the original Razor Edge breeders. They wanted Pitbulls with large heads, big muscles, and wide chests.

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These dogs share a lot of American Pit Bull Terrier genetics, which gives them a similar personalities. They are friendly and very people-oriented. Also, they are not guard dogs, contrary to some common misconceptions. They are friendly and not known to be aggressive. They will lick and bite intruders more often than they are likely to bite.

However, they can be alert dogs. They can be very alert and noisy. Because of their temperament, they will bark at anyone that passes them. This behavior is not a sign of aggression. They are simply excited to meet new people. This is a common trait among terriers.



Razor Edge Pitbull was created by combining the Pitbull with other breeds. This was done in previously. These dogs are not like other mixed breeds. They have been developed to minimize the randomness associated with mixed breeds. All of these dogs share similar physical characteristics.

They look very much like Pit bull dogs. They have slightly different body types. Because they were originally bred to be a large Pitbull dog breed, they tend to be larger than other Pitbulls. They are crossbred with Mastiffs and English Bulldogs. They are usually more stoat-like and may be larger than regular Pitbulls.



Color and coat.

This line is different from regular Pitbulls. It has been specially bred to produce mostly Blue or Blue brindle coat colors. For this reason, they are often called Blue Razor Edge Pitbull dogs. They are not available in the same variety of colors as other Pitbull lines. Some breeders specialize in other colors, such as black, white, or bluefawn.



The Razor edge Pit hair is effortless to maintain. Even though they shed less than average, their short hairs can be maintained by regular brushing with a soft bristle brush. Only take a bath when necessary. To keep their coats in the best shape, pat them with a towel.

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American Bully bloodlines include Gottiline and Razor edge. Some registering organizations, including ABKC, have divided the American bully’s size into four categories: pocket, standard and classic. Others, however, prefer to keep the standard size. There are wide varieties of these dogs. The standard size is usually 16 to 20 inches. Males are generally larger than females. Razor Edge Pit dogs weight depends on their size. They weigh between 30 and 150 pounds (13 to 66.2 kilograms).




The Razor Edge Gotti can live up to 13 years if it is properly cared for.



It is easy to train the Razor Edge Pitbull. They don’t have a tendency to be stubborn. They are people-oriented and will often be happy to please. In facr, they have moderate intelligence and can learn new commands quickly. These dogs can be trained by experienced dog owners and are easy to train.

It’s recommended obedience classes for those who are just starting out with dog ownership. You will learn how to train your dog, which will save you frustration properly.

In certain situations, they may have “selective listening.” They can be prone to be overexcited and sometimes ignore commands. This is particularly true when other dogs and new people are involved. This is why they can’t be let off-leash. It would not be strange to wander off to find new friends.

Knowing your Razors Edge Pitbull limits is essential, especially if they are hyper excited. Although these dogs are intelligent, their friendly nature can sometimes get the better of them. Please do not place your dog in an environment where they can’t hear you.

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Pitbull owners often struggle with their Pitbull’s destructiveness. Pitbulls love chewing and have large jaws. It would be best if you gave your Razor Edge Pitbull many chew toys. It would be best if you supervised your Pitbull when he’s unsupervised, especially during the puppy stage.

These dogs are very athletic. They don’t require any exercise. Moreover, they are sometimes called “40 mph couch potatoes”. They can run very fast, but not as hard as you might expect. They can quickly wear themselves out. Also, they will often stop playing within 15 to 20 minutes. They might play hard, but they don’t play very long.

These dogs can go for two to three short walks each day. You can substitute these walks with time in your backyard if you want. They are people-oriented and will do almost anything if they’re with their owners. This is why these dogs get along well with children. They are happy to run and play with any thing.

These dogs may not be brilliant, but they do need mental stimulation. If they aren’t exercised, their exuberant nature could lead to problems. These dogs may bark excessively and dig to find fun activities. We recommend that you schedule training sessions to ensure your dog is well-behaved. This dog will also enjoy puzzle toys and other simple games.



Common health issues

This breed is healthier than many others, but they can still be susceptible to some health issues. While some of these conditions can usually be avoided with proper health screenings, others cannot. Before adopting it, it is important to know what health conditions can affect your Razor Edge Pitbull puppy.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cone-Rod Dystrophy 1
  • Ichthyosis

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Do they make a good family dog?

A highly trained Razor edge Gotti will be a loyal, brave and affectionate family member. They are loyal and happy when you are pleased with them.

Razor edge Gotti can be very patient with children. However, its been studies that all interactions between dogs and children should always be monitored. Moreover, they are loyal and can tolerate extreme pain. Also, they could be excellent companion dog. They will fight to the death for their enemies if they sense that you are in danger.


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