Are you wondering why your Australian Shepherd’s hair is short? Do you want to know whether it is ok for an Australian Shepherd to have short hair? Read this article to find the answers.


short hair aussie


Why some of the Australian Shepherds are short-haired?

Australian Shepherd is a breed mix of multiple herding breeds of dogs. They are a result of a variety of breeds. So, please don’t be shocked when you notice variations in their appearance. However, Australian Shepherd is a primarily long haired dog breed. There are medium-sized and Short-haired breeds too. Short-haired Aussies are considered pure breed’s, and their shortness of hair is not a concern or indication of illness.


Short-haired Aussies are funny and lovely.

If you’re looking for an Australian dog with personality, consider the Australian Shepherds with short hair. They can be wonderful pets to be around, and they enjoy all sorts of attention. They’re excellent dog’s for those looking for companionship. They are loyal and loving as well as brilliant. Due to this, they excel in agility tests and other events or competitions.

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The short coat of the Aussie is among their most appealing traits.

They have strong, the short coat’s to protect themselves from the cold winter weather. Many Aussies can be found on work and farms because they are eagerly working. They also enjoy chasing smaller animals like lizards. However, their beautiful hair requires frequently trimming to maintain its natural shine.


short hair aussie


Australian shepherd coat colors.

Australian shepherd coat colors and patterns can vary greatly. Still, the United States Australian Shepherd Association recognizes these four major categories: black, red, red merle, and blue merle (merle being the genetic pattern that occurs in a dog’s coat, often appearing as speckled patches of color). Red Merle Australian shepherd dogs have red (sometimes known as liver) shades in their coats as colored patches against a white or tan base that darkens with age. Solid red and red merle Aussies tend to have red lips, noses, and eye rims. Blue merle Aussies have black spots against a gray base that darkens with age. Both black and blue merle Australian shepherds usually have black noses, lips, and eye rims.

Can They Be Purebred?

Kennel and breed clubs established like The American Kennel Club (AKC), the Australian Shepherd Club of America, and The United States Australian Shepherd club have breed standards. They are used to identify traits such as build, size, the shape of the eyes, head, coat color, and markings for those of the Australian Shepherd mix breed. The normal length of fur for the Aussie breed is moderate. Aussie breed for these clubs is medium.

There isn’t any special difference between short haired Australian Shepherd’s kind, unlike the mini Aussies or mini Australian Shepherd or Miniature Australian Shepherd that these associations already acknowledge. The Miniature American Shepherd shares many physical traits with its forebear, the Australian Shepherd, only on a smaller scale.



The Aussie grooming.

In terms of regular grooming, the grooming needs of an Aussie are not different from many Australian Shepherds. They all require professional grooming products, brushes, and nail clippers. Aussie doesn’t do well with dry shampoos. So, you should apply a moisturizing conditioner to the short hair Aussie.


Aussies are highly energetic dogs.

Aussies are more active most times. In addition, they are also excellent watchdogs. This breed is a great therapy dog. They are friendly with children and are known to be great parents to puppies.

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Obedience training is essential!

If you decide to bring home an Aussie puppy, it is essential to begin training your dog in obedience right away. From the time of puppyhood until the age of old, the Aussie must be taught obedience, behavioral issues, home training, agility, tracking public relations, and any other training that you think is necessary. They are excellent pets for families with children. They will be thrilled by the attention your family members give them and will continue to be more affectionate with your family. If short-haired Aussies aren’t given enough space to run around and play with their masters, they’ll be loud about their desire for attention.



Aussies are working dogs.

Australian Shepherds in the level of one are called the working dogs . It is evident by the short hair that runs down their ears. They have tiny black hairs that extend to the eyes on their heads, making them appear more like their ancestors. While they may look a bit like their forebears, they have plenty of space to build their character.


Working Aussies are well-suited to any environment.

If you’re searching for an Aussie who can fit in any environment, you must think about the working line breeds. Short hair Aussies are generally well-behaved and alert; however, they need more exercise and interactions than other breeds.


short hair aussie


Aussies’ ears infections.

Aussies are particularly susceptible to ear problems, particularly those with long hair. It is recommended to keep the ears of your Aussie pierced; however, if you can’t pay for this, you can buy an Earplug or disposable ears at the pet store near you. Also, if you suspect that your Aussie is suffering from an infection in their ear, be sure you treat it right away to prevent it from getting more severe.

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Australian Shepherds may suffer from allergies.

Moreover, If you have an Australian Shepherd dog, you should be aware that they are susceptible to developing allergies. They should be checked for heartworm and fleas and worms regularly.



Aussies are excellent watchdogs and wonderful pets. They have short hair and are the ideal choice for those looking to get an animal that is simple to get along with. They are intelligent and friendly dogs and a perfect fit for your family.

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