Have you ever wondered, “Why do dogs lick each other’s teeth?” If you have, you are not alone. In particular, dogs and puppies seem to share an affinity for each other that seems to go back to the days of their ancestors. Learning why dogs licking each other’s teeth and mouth can help you relate to this animal’s habits a little better.

Why do dogs lick each others teeth? Well, there are several answers to that question. Some say it’s in defense of their master, while others think it’s a sign of affection. Still, others believe it’s a way of playing. But whatever the reason is, you can’t deny the fact that it’s an activity that most dogs enjoy.


why do dogs lick each others teeth


Dogs love to lick!

You wondering why your dogs lick other dogs? The most common reasons are social bonding and body language. As a pack animal, a dog has always relied on his kin to provide his dog food, shelter, and protection from harm or even death. This dependency on the pack is one of the main reasons dogs behave in certain ways – they can’t afford to! So if your dog obsessive licking another dog as an expression of affection, he views that particular dog as part of his family or “pack” (even though it very likely isn’t). In this case, there generally will be no negative connotations associated with the dog licking behavior at all – quite the contrary!

Dogs love to lick!

Puppies are licking everything most of the time; It is their habit. They may be in heat, or they are hungry. No matter what the reason is, they seem to enjoy licking. They even enjoy licking you. It’s similar to when children suck on your fingers and make all kinds of marks with them on your skin. Dogs lick to show their affection, show that they care, and greet. It’s a way for dogs to bond, to express that they are happy.

There is nothing to be worried about here. We all know that dogs are clean animals. They bathe themselves, and their teeth look clean and fresh just the way you like it. They also chew on their teeth.

Dogs chew on their teeth to stimulate their saliva, essentially their natural minty breath. Humans get ourselves produced by things around us and then release a special kind of gas from our lungs to cool us down and lubricate our skin.

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Dogs with some licking behavior can communicate with another dog. Lick the teeth and mouth is one of the most common behavior. When two dogs are on friendly terms as part of the same family, they become easily groom each other. Licking each other’s face is just one way to show that these two dogs have a close bond, which is common. Dogs can groom each other in the same way monkeys do. Since it cannot do so, your dog might ask their companion to groom its ears by ear licking.


why do dogs lick each others teeth


It is the time for playing!

The most probable reason is that they want to play with each other. It is a sign for playtime. They are showing to their companion their desire to play. Sometimes the other dog is not interested; here is your turn; separate them before things get messy.

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The sorry dog!

There’s another reason. Dogs will do this when they are frustrated or sad. Dogs lick another dog’s teeths to show they are sorry. If your dog is sad, his natural response is to chew on something to show how hurting he is. Dogs often chew on their teeth to release this energy.


why do dogs lick each others teeth


Your dog is at your command!

As you can see, licking each other’s teeth is a sort of language among dogs. Licking is a sign of obedience among dogs. When they lick you or other dogs, it means they are submissive. Therefore, they will follow ant orders easily.


Feeding time!

As mentioned before, dogs have a consistent tendency to lick. In many cases, when they lick, it means they are hungry. Especially among puppies, it is a way of expressing their hunger to the elder dogs. However, you have to feed them.

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How do I stop my dog from licking another dogs mouths?

If your dog licks another dogs mouths, there is a high probability you will have to discourage the behavior by immediately giving him a time-out. This means no attention or affection for 60 seconds or so until he has calmed down enough that his arousal level is now low. After this, he still may attempt the licking behavior again so now is when you need to give him an appropriate substitute behavior. An example would be that every time he does anything remotely related to licking another dog’s muzzle, you put yourself between them and have him sit or lay down then give lots of praise as you slowly back away from the other dog.




Why do dogs lick each others teeth? It’s a lot more complicated than most people think. Sometimes dogs’ behaviors are a mystery. It is accepted that they lick each other’s mouth teeths to express their feelings like they are hungry, ready to play, or sorry.

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