Australian Shepherd Temperament and personality 

Australian Shepherds are bred to push livestock and can take over the leadership role in the home if they don’t receive firm and confident leadership. They are not the best choice for timid or first-time owners.

Australian Shepherds, like many herding dogs are loyal to their families but aloof with strangers. When they are young, Australian Shepherds need to be socialized early – exposed to many people, sights and sounds.



Socialization is a great way to ensure your Aussie puppy grows up to become a well-rounded dog. A great place to start is enrolling your puppy in a puppy kindergarten class. He will benefit from having visitors and going to dog-friendly places such as parks and stores. Also, he will be able to improve his social skills by meeting new neighbors and inviting them over.

The Australian Shepherd is a strong, healthy dog. They are smart, loving, brave, independent, intelligent, smart, and responsive. They can become dissatisfied and difficult to live alongside if they don’t have the opportunity to exercise and challenge themselves in their mental and physical abilities. This dog breed can be loyal, faithful, and obedient if they are given the right training and exercise. The Aussie is protective and reserved around strangers. The Aussie may attempt to herd small animals and children by biting.

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When do Australian Shepherds calm down?

Aussies can calm down as they age. However, it is important to establish a routine for them. Training and activities will help them become a balanced dog.

An Australian Shepherd goes through four major growth stages:

Puppies aged 1-4 months are more curious about new people, places and things. While you’ll be able to see their energetic and playful moments, they still sleep a lot of the day. You can also see the post How to Care for Aussie Puppies.

When your Aussie is between 4-12 months old, they will have the most energy and require lots of training. Your Aussie will get into trouble if they don’t get enough exercise or training.

-Children should learn to manage their energy from a young age. As they transition into adulthood, any habits that were established in the earlier stages of their lives will be more ingrained. To break bad habits, you must be consistent in your energy intake, training, and rest periods.

Your Aussie will be officially mature when they reach the age of 3-7 years. You will notice a calmer temperament and fewer outbursts of energy. As they calm down, it is important to continue to provide them with physical and mental stimulation.

Seniors, aged 8+, are no longer in the growth stage. Senior citizens in Australia may need more mental stimulation than physical because of their physical limitations as they age.



Is the Australian Shepherd Hyper active breed?

They are almost all yes. Each Aussie is different and each one is calmer than the others. Remember that puppies can be very active so make sure to combine an energetic dog breed with a lively puppy. Most puppies have lots of energy when they are young.

Even though Puppyhood can last for around 18 months, it is often short. Some dog breeds can have a longer puppyhood. This is a problem that affects the Australian Shepherd breed. It may take your Aussie longer to mature. You may find that they have more puppy energy over time, so you will want to get them trained as soon as possible.

How do you calm down your Australian Shepherd?

Your Aussie must be able to calm down by the age of two. You need to provide lots of excitement, work, fun, and activity. Engaging your Aussie in positive activities will calm them down and help keep them from engaging in negative activities.

It is important to take the time to get to know your dog so that you can make the best decisions for your pet’s life. It can be a great way for pet parents to provide daily activities that stimulate their minds and bodies, while also engaging their curious side. Knowing your Australian Shepherd will help you to be a better pet parent, anticipate their needs, and respond in a way that enriches your life.

Pet parents with similar interests, who are open to new adventures and who are active, will often be the best for this job. Also, Pet owners who have an Australian Shepherd can benefit from changing things up frequently to keep things interesting.

You can offer your dog some outside work and then some playtime during breaks, or more work. An adventure trip to the store or park can keep them interested and excited. The excitement and enthusiasm for life can turn to tiredness, but this breed is very active.

This is why working is so rewarding. They can be kept busy by having a job around the house. This will give them a purpose, and help them exhaust their parents.

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What activities are good for calming an Aussie?

Australian Shepherds’ ancestors are working dogs that were used to guard a farm or herd of cattle. Many homebound Aussies are overly excited by this because they don’t know how to handle their natural desire for work.

Fun, challenging exercises that challenge an Aussie’s mind will help them channel their energy. These are some energy-calming exercises.

  • Take your Aussie on a walk, allowing them the opportunity to explore the surroundings. Hundreds of millions of scent receptors are found in dogs. To help them relax, let your dog sniff the air while you walk.
  • To give your Aussie a job, you might consider getting them involved in agility training or dog play day. Lack of work can lead to anxiety and restlessness. Aussies thrive on agility, where they can stretch their mental limits by jumping over hurdles and weaving through tunnels and poles.
  • A great tool for crate training and downtime is stuffing and freezing a Kongtoy with peanut Butter or one of your Aussies dishes.
  • There are many puzzles that will keep your Aussie busy. These are some of the best puzzles.




This is a question that can’t be answered definitively because all dogs are unique. Most Aussies will calm down by the age of 2 to 3 years. Some dogs may need to calm down earlier than others, while some may take longer. It all depends on the dog.


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