Do you have a dog that loves to lick the ears of other dogs? Do you worry that your dogs ear-licking may be too much for social acceptance? Most dogs are friendly; let’s face the truth. Although they love to show affection and love their canine friends, they have limited ways. A few tail wags and a few licks around the ear zone are enough for most dogs and dog lovers. Even though it may not seem like it, ear licking is similar to humans exchanging handshakes. Dogs use ear licking to say hello and ask questions. Some dogs get a bit carried away with the ear-licking routine. They can even go overboard.

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why do dogs lick other dogs ears?


What is ear licking behavior between dogs?

There are a few different theories as to why dogs engage in ear licking behavior, but the most likely explanation is that it’s simply a sign of affection. Dogs have scent glands in their ears, so when they lick another dog’s ears, they’re actually exchanging information and getting to know each other better. Ear licking is also thought to be a way for dogs to show submission, since the act of exposing one’s ears can be seen as a sign of vulnerability. Whatever the reason, ear licking is generally considered to be a friendly gesture between dogs.


Is it problem when dogs lick each others ears?

No, ear licking is not generally considered to be a problem behavior. However, if your dog is excessively licking another dog’s ears (to the point of causing discomfort), it may be best to discourage this behavior. Excessive ear licking can lead to ear infections, so it’s important to make sure your dog is only licking another dog’s ears when both dogs are comfortable with it. If you’re concerned about your dog’s ear licking behavior, consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for more guidance.


why do dogs lick other dogs ears?


It is a way to say hello!

ears. Dogs’ licking behavior can be used in an adult dog to greet another dog. You have probably seen your dog sniff the butts of other dogs a million times. Sometimes they do it to you. VCA Hospitals says this behavior allows them to learn more about the health of other dogs. It will enable your dog to know the health of other pets by sniffing their butt.

It’s all because of the smell their anus emits. What about licking their ears? Is a dog’s sense of well-being also affected by ear smell? It’s not true. They lick their ears to say hello. If I may, it’s an alternative for butt-sniffing. This can vary. Some shy dogs won’t touch the inside of dogs’ ears. Some dogs will settle on the outside. You can test the boundaries with a few licks. As they become more comfortable, they move on to the inner ear.

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Dogs with some licking behavior can communicate with another dog. Lick the ears is one of the most common behavior. When two dogs are on friendly terms as part of the same family, they become easily groom each other. Licking each other’s ears is just one way to show that these two dogs have a close bond, which is common. Dogs can groom each other in the same way monkeys do. Your dog might ask their companion to groom its ears since it cannot do so. What’s more, it can ward off ear mites, but too much licking can cause irritation and possibly hurt other dog ears and an ear infection.



Ear waxing.

This may not be the best answer, but sometimes the pet owners best friend is gross. Even though we can’t smell ear wax, our furry friends can detect it. While the idea of earwax can make us sick, it is a pleasant smell for dogs. Ear wax is mildly salty, which is quite desirable for dogs. Mmm, ear wax! So don’t stress when your young puppy is an ear-licker. Chances are they’re just dogs. And dogs like weird and smelly stuff. So what’s in earwax that some dogs like licking the heck out of? 

Earwax, or also known as cerumen, has: 

  •  Pollen. 
  •  Microbes. 
  •  Dirt and debris. 
  •  Dead skin cells. 

All of these form an appealing combination to dogs. And canines can’t get enough of it. 



Sign of submissiveness. 

The submissive dog often does the licking. Licking is usually a submissive gesture. The reason why your dog has been licking your other dog’s ears could be that your dog is being submissive. This would be more likely if your dog does it more when your other dog is aggressive and if your dog shows other submissive gestures around your other dog. Also, It is a sign that they respect you and admire you. Remember that if your dog gives you a lot of tongues, it is a sign that he loves you.

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Dog likes the taste, and infected taste better.

Many dogs enjoy the taste of ear wax and other gunk that makes its way into a dog’s ear canal. Even better if there’s a mild infection, especially a yeast infection, since this will only double the grossness and triple the appeal. Dogs with floppy ears are particularly prone to pets ear infections which can cause the discharge of pus. Yeast infections are also common in canine ears and can cause very strange smells, and many folks suggest that they smell like Fritos. As if all that wasn’t gross enough, it seems that dogs are particularly interested in infected ears, which would certainly have a different taste, smell, and even texture. 

If you put some Fritos in front of your dog, they will happily chow down, so despite being extremely gross, it should be no surprise that dogs can’t resist licking a yeast-infected ear. So if your dog looks like they’re treating their friend’s ear like a jar of peanut butter, it’s safe to say that they’re probably motivated by taste.


why do dogs lick other dogs ears?


Does it make you feel unwell?

Dr Amy Pike of Veterinary Behavior Consultations, St. Louis, Mo., says that both dogs may be at risk. Dr Pike says that if the dog being licked has a bacterial infection in their ears and is given topical medication to treat it, this could lead to the dog licking to become upset. However, she stresses that these treatments usually don’t cause poisoning. Even if the dog being licked does not have an ear infection, he could end up with one. Dr Pike says that saliva from other dogs could cause an ear infection, leading to external otitis externa.


How to stop ear licking behavior?

Whether ear licking has become a problem or not, the dog owner may want to stop the behavior and prevent it from becoming an issue in the future. So let’s see what you can do?

  • Rule Out Any Medical Concerns

It’s common practice to look for any medical concerns before tackling a behavior problem. After all, if dogs are suffering from a medical condition, no amount of behavior training will. You can look for a wound, ear infection, or any other change to the ear of the dog that’s being licked. Also, your veterinarian can help with this situation in every seasonal pet care.

  • Teach The “Leave It” Command to your dog

In many cases, just trying to redirect the behavior will be enough to stop the licking. But to further enforce the behavior, you can teach your dog the “Leave It” command to let them know that dog ears are off-limits. This command is also extremely helpful in day-to-day life, so it’s worth teaching your pup even after the ear licking problem has been solved.

  • Redirect The Behavior

Once medical concerns are ruled out, you’ll want to give your dog something else to do besides licking ears. This is called redirecting the behavior, and it’s like saying to your dog, “You can’t do that, but you can do this.” Ear licking could also be a sign of boredom, and while a new toy can help relieve some of that, you’ll also want to make sure your dog is getting the appropriate amount of exercise and interactive play. Whatever you provide as an alternative should be similar, and my favorite choice is the Licki Mat which is somewhere between a toy and food.


Dogs licking each others ears.


Dogs love to lick the ears of other dogs. They value it very much. They use it to integrate into the pack or pass on a social favor by a little friendly grooming. Keep in mind that ear licking can become more than just instinctual. But ear licking, while it is one of the few ways dogs can show affection, we all need some. It is important to mention that there are clever mutts who can give hugs. Does yours?

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