Why dose my dog lick blankets? It’s a common question between dog onwers. You can see if your dog is happy, sad, sick, happy, or nervous. Is your dog constantly licking blankets, furniture, and carpets? Dogs are taught to use their tongues to lick objects. Affectionate dogs will lick things often. You may find a wet spot on your sofa. This is a sign that your dog has been licking your furniture. You may be puzzled why your dog did this, even though he is smiling innocently. While licking is an integral part of a dog’s personality, excessive or unusual licking can be a sign that there may be a problem. This could indicate a behavioral or medical problem.


why does my dog lick blankets?


If your dog is regularly licking blankets, it’s important to figure out why they’re doing it so you can address the underlying issue. If the behavior is just occasional and not causing any problems, there’s no need to worry. But if it’s excessive or causing damage to the blanket, it could be a sign of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. If you’re unsure why your dog is licking blankets.


What is probable reasons why dogs lick blanket?



It could have been anxious that your dog shows licking behavior. It is more likely to do this if it started doing it after an event that could have made it anxious, or if it does so more often at times when it is most likely to be anxious. The dog could do this if it is near a pet owner, when they are leaving or when it hears outside noises. If it tends to do it more when you are not home, it is more likely to be due to separation anxiety.

Dogs anxiety would be more likely if your dog tends to become anxious when you are leaving home and if it licks the blankets that you use yourself since they likely have a strong scent from you on them. It would help to limit reasons why it might be anxious by doing things such as exercising and feeding it before leaving it so that it is more likely to sleep while you are away.

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Dietary Issues.

Many dog breeds suffer from weak digestive systems. So, when your dog starts to lick blanket excessively, it may be an indication of nausea or gastronomical discomfort, and it’s not a compulsive behavior. Most dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, and even soy. Yet, most dog food brands incorporate grains in dog food as a filler. So, if you happen to be feeding your furry friend something it might be allergic to, excessive licking is going to be the resulting consequence. Another reason your dog may be licking random objects or surfaces beyond what I have described is gastrointestinal issues.

 Licking things randomly can help relieve some of the pain by having their minds focus on something else. The cure for an upset stomach is not home remedies. You need to consult with your vet and make gradual changes to the diet of your canine. When your fur baby has a weak stomach, you must go for only non-GMO, grain-free, and organic products.



Health issues.

Medically-related problems (medical issues) could also be a possible cause. Although blanket licking does not indicate the exact problem, it can be used as an alarm to alert you that there may be something wrong with your dog health. Dogs release endorphins by licking things. This is why they can lick your nose or lick your face when they are excited to see you at work. Dogs are excited and want to feel-good endorphins. If your dog is licking their blankets excessively, you should bring them to the vet. You’ll have the option of either ensuring your dog is healthy or letting them know you are aware of the problem and can recommend a treatment. You are advocating for your dog in every way possible.


why does my dog lick blankets?


Nausea pain.

Nausea is one of the main causes that I have found when my dog is licking excessively. Sometimes they sit and lick at the air as they try to calm their stomachs. If you have ever felt your mouth watering from the need to vomit, you understand just how awful the feeling is. This helps them stay busy and distracted. Dogs hate to throw up, which is why they will do their best to find an activity when it feels like they might puke. They might also be doing this to eliminate the excess saliva that oozes right before they are about to vomit. Obviously, this kind of licking is more about intuition than a medical solution.
You might be surprised, but sometimes, dogs tend to lick a blanket when they feel nauseated. They might also extend this behavior to the furniture like the couch or basically anything that they find nearby. If they are doing this more often than they ideally should, you must look into their diet and see if you can change something to help the poor mutt out. Your dog’s diet may be the cause of this behavior if they are expressing it after eating. Perhaps it is time to change dogs diets.


It smells your scent.

The blanket likely has a strong scent on it. This is a common reason why it tends to lick the blanket could be that it smells your scent on it and that the smell causes it to feel calmer. This would be more likely if it tends to do it more when you are not around. It is more likely to be anxious if your dog licks the blankets you use or if they are sensitive to your scent. You can try to reduce the reasons your dog might be anxious by exercising and feeding it before you leave so it will sleep better while you’re away.

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Separation Anxiety or Early Maternal Separation.

Do they ever cry when you go out? Oh no! Separation anxiety can cause your dog to lick blankets more than usual. Separation anxiety can start from a younger age and can be triggered by taking the puppy from the mother too soon, also called early maternal separation. Canines with separation anxiety will be hyper-stressed if their human isn’t there. They’ll also exhibit destructive behavior. You might wonder, “Why are they so fond of my blankets?” Fidos love to lick their skin and enjoy the soothing effect of smelling the human scent. Your sheets are full of sweat and dead skin cells. They would love to have your dirty laundry and your place in bed, so they could also love your couch.


why does my dog lick blankets?


Habit and Exploration.

Your dog may be licking out of habit if you have never corrected the behavior before. They could have started with just licking for territory reasons and grown to enjoy the action of licking things.

Dogs are naturally curious animals. They want to explore their environment and find everything about it. In addition, licking and smelling are the most important tools of dogs for exploration. Hence, In most cases, when dogs lick blankets and furniture it is not something to be worried about.



Obsessive-compulsive Disorder can be the reason for dogs that lick blankets and furniture. OCD is a behavioral disorder that causes the patient to have taught and behaviors out of control. Patients will sense a powerful urge to do something. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder shows itself when your dog is feeling overly stressed. They may take licking to the extreme or other surfaces than just their bed. If you notice this behavior in your pup, try to remove any environmental stressor for them. Also, keeping them busy and playing through the day, they are more likely to tire out than focus on their obsessive licking. OCD also happens to dogs, and it is one of dogs’ behavioral issues. Therefore, the uncontrollable licking behavior can be a sign of OCD.

why does my dog lick blankets?

Is it because your dog likes to lick your pillow?

You leave natural scents on your bedding when you spend the majority of the night on your bed. These scents are what the dog can use to recognize you. Your body’s scent lingers on pillows, which can keep the dog attached to you, even when you are away for long periods. The simple fact that you spend so much time on your bed means that your dog associates your pillow with your body. Even though you don’t leave any scents, your dog will still lick your pillow to show you its affection. This is more logical if the dog only licks your pillow when you aren’t there.

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How you should stop dogs from licking a blanket?

There are a number of ways to stop dogs from licking a blanket.

  • One way is to provide the dog with an alternative behavior such as chew toys or bones.
  • Another way is to use a taste deterrent such as bitter apple spray on the blanket.
  • Finally, you can train the dog not to lick the blanket by using positive reinforcement such as treats or praise.


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The first step is to examine behavioral issues and start from there. Dogs can fall into this behavior more often. It’s similar to humans clicking their pen or biting their nails. You can do it, but not always. Your dog is constantly testing the world around him. If they are licking things, it is the best way to help them understand the object or area. If your dog is acting out excessively, you can switch to something more rewarding and beneficial.

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