Does your dog walk in a circle? Is your dog panting a lot? Here you can find the answer to your concerns. Dogs normally breathe fast, and in most cases, there is nothing to be concerned about dogs panting. Walking in circles has a similar situation. However, sometimes there are serious causes for panting and walking in circles. Let’s jump into them.


 Why Does My dog walk in a circle And panting?

Why do dogs tend to walk in circles?

The answer to this question is very complicated. To start with, it is not the dogs’ fault that they are always walking in circles. It is a learned behavior that their ancestors have taught. Dogs were once wild animals and moved around in packs. They became accustomed to following their leader. Therefore, dogs would like to follow his circle rather than stand in front of you.

An inner ear infection is a cause for your dog’s circle walking!

It is essential to watch for the following symptoms: circling, sniffing, and whining. It’s a sign that there is a problem with dog health. These are all signs of an inner ear infection. If your dog has an inner ear infection, there will be a lot of pain in the inner ear and extreme sensitivity to noises. The more severe the disease, the less likely it is that your dog will be able to walk without circles. A dog with an inner ear infection will also experience difficulty walking for no apparent reason. Another symptom you should look out for is your dog’s inability to concentrate.

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Canine behavioral disorder.

Some dogs with a canine cognitive dysfunction are known to develop “spots.” Canine cognitive dysfunction is a behavioral disorder that occurs when your dog circles back and forth while you are walking. If your dog has this behavior disorder, it means that the sensory organs in the brain have suffered damage, and your dog will not be able to distinguish between the spot where it is standing and the area where it wants to be. Because it cannot differentiate between its own space and the actual space in which it is standing, your dog will constantly show circling behavior. Your dog may even stop altogether if it gets frustrated with the circular motion.


 Why Does My dog walk in a circle And panting?


Neurological disorders are another reason.

Dog circling behavior due to neurological disorders sometimes can be with extreme pain. The actual cause of this type of pain is not always known, but several things have been studied recently related to the nervous system and behavior in general.

Causes of vestibular disease and circling include an ear infection by multiple factors, such as brain tumor, stroke, brain inflammation, and traumas. If you suspect your dog has a neurological disorder, please contact your vet immediately to determine if this is indeed the case.

The vestibular disease, often referred to as ‘old dog vestibular disease’, is a sudden and non-progressive disturbance of balance. This disorder stems from issues affecting the dog’s vestibular system within the brain, located in the inner ear and middle ear.

Dogs like circle walking when they are bored!

One other cause of dog walking circles behavior is behavior problems, such as aggression, separation anxiety, depression, and boredom. Most circles are associated with boredom because most dogs are no longer interested in running around outside. When you introduce some activity into dog walking routine, your older dog will start to enjoy the experience, leading to behavioral problems like boredom and aggression. Dogs with behavioral issues are often highly anxious, and a bored dog is more likely to display these problems.


Dogs may hurt themselves while circle walking.

Walking in circles can be dangerous as they do not know how far they should go and where to stop. Therefore, there is always a risk of your dog tripping and falling. It is always better to check the place beforehand and have someone look after your dog while away.

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How to stop your dog from circling?

You should let your dog lead the way, and once he makes it, you should pull close to him and gently push him towards the spot you want him to go to. If you pull close while your dog is far away from the circle, you will not be able to pull him back. This will confuse him, and he might get scared and think that someone is following him. That would make your dog run around in circles.



Things to know about dogs panting.

There are several reasons for this behavior, but some breeds are more prone to it than others. Large breeds tend to have more difficulty with this condition than small breeds. The size of a dog’s body also determines how much exercise it can get. Larger dogs are more likely to have heart failure since their bodies are not designed to withstand so much strain. The symptoms of dogs panting can be hard to notice at times, and you may not even realize your dog is experiencing them.


Panting is a sign of arthritis.

Dogs excessive panting is one of the more common symptoms that your dog is suffering from dog arthritis. Arthritis is a disease of the joints, and there are four types of it: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. All four types of arthritis result in the dog’s inability to move around as freely as they would like. Your pet may also become uncomfortable and need to lie down often.


 Why Does My dog walk in a circle And panting?


Heart failure.

Dogs that are suffering from heart failure will begin to pant in an attempt to cool their body. The more severe the heat and sweating that occurs, the more likely your dog will pant. Your vet can provide you with a heating pad for your dog that will keep its body temperature at an optimum level. Heating pads can be placed under your dog’s bed or any comfortable place for you.

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If your dog seems to be panting a lot while running around, several things could be causing it. Your dog may pant and sweat a lot while running around because it is experiencing stroke. Heatstroke is a symptom of dehydration and is very dangerous. Your dog’s lack of water consumption will cause your dog to experience extreme heatstroke. Signs of a stroke include your dog urinating frequently, which means he is urinating more than usual, a dry mouth, and your dog becoming lethargic.

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Stress is another reason!

Another reason your senior dog is running around is his high heart rate, anxiety and stress. An increased heart rate indicates that your senior dog is highly stressed and has difficulty coping with his anxiety. Boredom can be a cause for dogs pant. When a pet gets bored, the first thing it does is relieve himself. It is a natural response to cool down because you need to ease your pet’s boredom.


 Why Does My dog walk in a circle And panting?



As you see, there are numerous reasons why dogs pant or walk in circles. The most important tip you should bear in mind about this behavior is to monitor your dog’s behavioral and physical condition. If your old dog is panting or walking in a circle repetitively, you should take him to a qualified vet as soon as possible.

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