As you may have noticed, the Yorkie breed dogs are pretty popular today. Almost 25 years ago, their popularity burst on the pet market. If you want to ensure that you will get a healthy pet, you should take the time to consider whether or not a Yorkie is the right breed for you.

Yorkshire terrier temperament is known for their sassy personalities but are also charming and affectionate and good behavior with their people. “In comparison with other small dogs, Yorkies are smart, clever, always aware of their surroundings, and curious. They are playful and ready to interact and take charge of their family. They’ll need some boundaries to avoid exhibiting less adorable qualities like excessive barking, mental stimulation, separation anxiety, or suspicion toward strangers or other pets.

Is it easy to train Yorkies?

You see, the Yorkie is an intelligent toy dog breed. This means that they have to be taught how to play and work with people and behave around other dogs. The Yorkie is an exceptional breed and requires a little more guidance than other dogs need. This is the same reason why it is so crucial that you learn as much about them as possible before bringing one home.


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Why Are Yorkies So Hard To Potty Train?

Yorkshire Terriers make great companions. They’re lively and fun and love to be the focus of attention. However, potty training for these small dog breeds can be a challenge. Because they have tiny bladders, they may not control their urine, and accidents may occur. However, with the correct techniques and information, it is possible to avoid falling into the process of potty training for your Yorkshire dog.

Before you start your Yorkie’s training to be potty trained, you must know the best time to begin the training. The ideal time to start potty training is when you take your Yorkie home.

It is possible to use the Potty Training Pads in the crate since these pads come to have a very absorbent inner core that converts fluid into gel. They’re just appropriate for smaller dogs, and have a leak-proof plastic lining. You can use a simple gesture or word to let him know that it’s time for him to have a pee or poo. Toy breeds such as Yorkshire terriers are often silent and require an incentive to speak up. If you’re Yorkie is willing to cooperate, you could offer treats as a reward.

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The proper method for training is consistency!

Yorkshire terrier’s are intelligent and eager to please. However, you must use the proper Yorkie training methods so that your dog will learn how to behave appropriately in social situations. One of the most important things to remember when teaching your pet Yorkshire terrier is consistency. Yorkies are susceptible dogs, and if they are not treated well by their owners, they can become stubborn or aggressive. Therefore, you should be consistent in what you expect from your Yorkie puppy and give positive reinforcement when they do something good.


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Command your Yorkie to sit.

To teach your Yorkie dog to sit, first have them sit on a leash while you hold a treat above their head so that they learn to sit with the treat as a reward for obeying your commands. This is one of the more important things to remember regarding Yorkshire terrier training. Some owners mistakenly believe that using a clicker to reward their pets will make them more eager to sit, but this is not true. Yorkies are not quick to learn tricks, so using a clicker should be done only as a last resort.

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Command word your Yorkie puppy to lie down

The next thing that you should try is teaching your Yorkshire terrier puppy to lie down. You do not want to teach your Yorkie to lie down while he is excited because it could cause physical harm. Instead, it would help if you tried to teach your Yorkie pup to lie down while he is calm. The best way to teach your Yorkie to lie down is by using a “down” command. Begin by placing one hand on your Yorkie’s chest and the other hand on his stomach. It would help if you tried to bring your Yorkie puppy’s head down between your legs and begin asking him to lie down.



Crate Training A Yorkie Puppy.

Yorkshire terriers are a small breed. However, they display a confident and bold personalities. If you do not train your Yorkie and you don’t, you’ll awake with a messy space full of ripped papers and documents. Yorkshire terrier training will allow them to sleep in a crate throughout the night, you’ll feel more at ease and get an enjoyable night’s rest in addition.

Crate training isn’t only effective at nighttime since it is also possible to do Crate training during the day. This kind of training can keep your Yorkie happy and secure while completing your household chores.

This kind of house training must be carried out repeatedly and be highly rewarding. It is crucial to provide the Yorkshire terrier with a tiny bed, comfortable beddings, and a variety of toys to ensure that he’s happy, secure, and secure.

It is important to establish a routine to put the Yorkie in his cage if it’s time to sleep. If you are running errands, you could also put the dog in his crate and ensure that you provide him games to keep him amused. If you are crate training your Yorkshire dog, it’s crucial to buy the best quality crate, such as The Petmate ProValu Double Door Crate.


Positive/negative responses.

During your training, you will have to take note of her positive and negative responses. Positive responses include greetings and excellent looks, while negative ones include growling and barking. It would be best if you also taught your Yorkie that you mean no harm and a no-nonsense approach to training. These terriers do not respond well to punishment, and they will become stubborn if you apply corrections to them in an aggressive manner.

You can use the same concept of reinforcement to train your Yorkies as you do with any other breed of dogs. You can teach your Yorkie that the correct behavior is desirable by using treats and positive reinforcement. It can also help Yorkies learn to do something without the need to follow through, as this might be too easy to ignore. However, if you don’t want your Yorkie to do something you do not want your dog to do, you should implement the appropriate training methods. This will ensure that you train your Yorkie properly.

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Reward your Yorkie.

One of the most important aspects of proper training is using positive reinforcement. It would be best always to reward your dog when she responds appropriately to a command. If you do not want your Yorkie to do something because it is terrible, you shouldn’t tell her to stop or go potty outside. Instead, give your dog the chance to do what she wants without punishment.


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Tips of rewarding your Yorkie.

One of the most common problems in terrier training is over-rewarding your dog. When training your Yorkie, you should avoid giving her treats whenever she responds correctly to a command, and you should only praise her when she does something wrong. For example, if you were trying to teach your dog to sit, you could reward her with a treat if she sits successfully. However, if she tries to sit down again after she has already sat down for the first time, you should immediately correct her and tell her to sit again. She won’t understand why she gets a treat for sitting down.

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You should begin your training session with some easy conditioning exercises, then start by leaving a bowl of your dog’s favorite toy, such as a Kong, on your Yorkie puppy’s bed or place of resting. When your Yorkie puppy stays in the sitting position and you reward him, he will eventually work on this command alone. The next Yorkie training tip that you should remember is to not only leave the treats near the toys, but you should also practice having your Yorkie puppy hold the treats above his nose so that he learns to roll over and ingest the treats.


yorkie training secrets



There is no doubt that Yorkies are some of the best dogs in the world. However, they can also be very stubborn dogs. This is why you should have patience when learning how to train your Yorkie puppy. When you are consistent and persistent, you will find that your Yorkie puppy is indeed very trainable.

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