The Australian Shepherd dog’s pregnancy is an important time for both the dog and its owners. Our beloved pets require more care during this time than usual. Some believe that dogs’ pregnancy does not require special attention from their owners. They believe that animals are naturally pregnant and that no human intervention is necessary. However, this is not entirely true. During pregnancy, the immune system and the entire dog’s body are stressed. A litter of Australian Shepherd dog typically can include 5-8 pups. If you’re an Australian Shepherd owner who is pregnant, read the article.

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How to tell if your Aussie is pregnant?

A dog pregnancy is more difficult than a human. However, they have a way to tell if your dog is pregnant. To determine if your Aussie is pregnant, you will need to visit your veterinarian. Your vet will need to know as much information as possible to diagnose your Aussie.

These are the four ways that a vet can determine if you have a pregnant dog.

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Test for hormones
  • Palpation

These are not the only signs that your Aussie may be pregnant. However, you can still look for other signs to determine if she is.

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Preparation For Pregnancy

The best age to marry is between 2 and 2.5 years. The first step in preparing for pregnancy is a visit to the veterinarian. This will examine blood, urine, and other vital signs. The veterinarian must ensure that the dog is healthy and does not have any internal organ inflammation. Fleas must be removed as well as any other possible infections such as inflammation of ears, gums and perianal glands. All preventive vaccines must be administered to the dog.

How long it takes an Australian Shepherd to be pregnant?

Australian Shepherds usually give birth within 60 to 65 days. However, there are small variations of 2-3 days.

It can be difficult to notice any changes in your dog’s health early in the dog’s life. Sometimes, a dog may become numb or sleepy in the second or third week.

At the end of the first month, approximately 25 to 30 days after birth, the mammary glands are clearly visible. They typically appear very vividly pink due to the swelling of the skin around them. This is because Australian Shepherds have white bellies.

Ultrasonography can be used to confirm that your female is pregnant around three weeks after mating. An ultrasound machine can easily see the embryos in amniotic balloons.



What are Australian Shepherd Pregnancy stages?

Australian Shepherd Pregnancy typically lasts between 60 and 65 days. However, it can vary by a few days. The pups grow quickly in the womb and are ready for birth afterward.

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First Month 

The embryos are transferred to your uterine horns within the first month. Day 16 is when the embryos are planted in the uterine liner. Around day 22, the embryos will begin to form and by day 30, a vet should detect heartbeats.

Most Aussies will not show signs during the first three weeks of pregnancy. If your Aussie does show signs of pregnancy, it will usually be:

  • Reduced physical activity
  • More affectionate behavior (Behavioral changes)
  • Appetite increases
  • Larger nipples
  • Morning sickness
  • Clear vaginal discharge


Second Month

The fetus will grow faster in the second month of a female Australian shepherd’s first trimester. By day 35, the eyelids and toes should be formed. By day 45, their coat and skeleton should be visible. You can see the number of puppies that have been developed by x-rays at day 50.

By day 58, your aussie will be looking for a nesting spot. The first month is when you will notice signs of pregnancy.


Third Month 

By the end of the third month, your aussie will be ready for whelping (giving birth). Your aussie will have completed puppy development by day 60. This means that they will be ready to give birth.



Lifestyle changes for pregnant Australian Shepherds

Your female  Australian Shepherd will likely behave slightly differently during pregnancy. This might appear as a more affectionate attitude towards you in the early stages of pregnancy.

A pregnant Aussie may also seem distant if she is nearer to giving birth. These behavior changes in pregnant Aussies are normal and not cause for concern.

Your pregnant Aussie should never be allowed to jump from any height. Also, you should not pick your pregnant Aussie up. However, if you must, be careful. You should also avoid taking your dog on car rides while she is pregnant.

Make sure your dog gets some exercise, as well as other hygiene care such as brushing and deshedding.

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Australian Shepherd Pregnancy feeding and diet.

Early pregnancy does not have any dietary restrictions. Food should be balanced and supplemented with vitamins and minerals. It is better to change to foods that are more suitable for pregnant dogs if your dog’s food choices include dry foods. Also, ensure that your dog receives adequate amounts of folic acid. This will provide all the nutrients it needs.

Your Aussie friend may eat natural products. It is important to supplement their diet with vitamin and mineral complexes. Vitamins are needed at all times. The best choice is vitamin-mineral complexes that are suitable for pregnant or lactating Australian females.

The uterus of pregnant dogs becomes much larger in the second half of their pregnancy. This prevents them from eating the same amount of food as before and makes it difficult for them to eat more. This period should not only increase the calorific value of the diet and its usefulness, but also the rate at which it is fragmented. It should be fed three times daily, for example. Your female should be fed four times a day when it is nearing birth. However, this should be reduced to two weeks before the delivery.


How do Australian Shepherds give birth?



Natural Birth

Make sure you have everything ready for when your Australian Shepherd is ready to give birth.

You will notice that she starts to return to her nest, scratching the towels repeatedly before finally falling asleep and exhaling loudly. This is a sign that she has done a lot. You will notice that she isn’t at all calm and that her heartbeat is also accelerating. The first pup could arrive in 12 hours.

The mother Australian Shepherd will take the puppy home and then eat the delivery bag. As a result, the baby may be able to start breathing oxygen. If the mother is in need of assistance, some owners might be required to assist her.

The mother Australian Shepherd may even eat the umbilical cords and sacks. They are instinctual and contain nutritional elements.

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This is rarely used for Australian Shepherd pregnancies. An X-ray can be used by your veterinarian to determine the size of the skulls as well as the expected number of puppies. This operation will require anesthesia and there are risks.




Now you now how to care your dog as you read all about Australian Shepherd Pregnancy. The dog’s gestational period is just as important as the human’s. You must take the necessary steps to ensure your dog’s health. For a more thorough inspection, contact your local Aussie rescue if your dog is showing any of the above signs.


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