What’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Mix breed?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Mix (Cav-A-Malts and Maltaliers) are relatively new to designer breeds. However, their small size, fluffy coats, and adorable personalities are winning over dog lovers worldwide. Cavamalts are petite, beautiful, and have great characters. This designer dog breed was created by crossing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Maltese. This hybrid is also known by the name Cav-A-Malt or Maltalier.



This hybrid is sweet-tempered and affectionate. It’s no surprise that its popularity is growing rapidly. CavaMalts make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lap dog or an apartment.


Parent Breed

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The Maltese dog is the parent of the Maltalier. The little white Maltese was called many different names over the years, including “Canis Melitaeus” in Latin, “Maltese Lion Dog,” and “Ancient Dog of Malta” in English.

The Maltese dog breed is an energetic and natural ham. He is people-oriented and responds to positive reinforcements like praise, food rewards, and play. Many factors, such as heredity, training, and socialization, can affect temperaments. Dogs with a good temperament are playful and curious and will often approach strangers and be held.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs retain the athletic nature of their spaniel ancestors. They love nothing more than to take a nap or get a belly rub. Cavalier King Charles spaniel descends from a small toy spaniel depicted in many 16th-17th Century paintings of northern Europe. The original purpose of this dog was to be warm in cold carriage rides and drafty castles. The United States began to breed Cavalier King Charles spaniels in the 1950s. However, the American Kennel Club did not recognize the breed until 1996.

Although slightly larger, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can also be considered a toy dog. Cavalier King Charles spaniel is charming, affectionate, intelligent, and playful. They are devoted to their guardians and show them their love with affection. This breed is not known for its aggression and shyness.


Maltese King Charles Spaniel mix dog breed’s are a cross between two breeds originally bred to companionship. Their temperaments will be very similar. Companion dogs can be lapdogs who enjoy being with people and form close bonds with their owners.

A Cavalier or Maltese breed makes a great companion dog, so it is no surprise that Cav-A-Malts can be affectionate and loyal pets. Maltaliers are a great choice for dog owners who don’t have the time or energy to walk their dogs daily.




Maltese King Charles Spaniel mix dogs are often very small and toy breed due to the size of their parents. They can grow between 10 and 13 inches tall for the Maltalier mix while weighing in at 10 to 13 pounds.

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Life Expectancy

It’s reasonable to assume that their offspring will live to the same standard as the Maltese or Cavalier, given their life expectancy of 12-14 years.


Cavalier King Maltese mix dogs are proud of their soft and silky fur. The Cavalier crossed with the Maltese produced a medium-length to the long wavy dog. It has a silky, velvety texture and fine hair quality. These dogs can be found in many colors, including the pure white of their Maltese parents (rare), to tri-colored and bi-colored coats, which combine red, brown, or white shades.




Two purebreds can produce offspring, and the Maltalier mixed breed will often experience hybrid vigor. This is when the dog has all the good qualities of its parents but without health issues. However, this is not a guarantee. Maltaliers might experience patella luxation (mitral valve disease), epilepsy, Progressive Atrophy (PRA), and diabetes.

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Cavamalt mixed breed is very easygoing when it comes to grooming. They are also very low-shedding due to their parents. Their coat doesn’t require much maintenance other than routine brushing. To avoid irritation and allergic reactions, you should use sensitive dog shampoo.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be quite active. Maltese can also make active dogs. Cav-A-Malts can be an excellent choice for senior citizens or those with limited mobility who cannot walk their dogs for long distances. Wag Walking recommends that Cav-A-Malts be walked for around 30 minutes per day. However, members of the crossbreed can take a few short walks each day.




To keep your CavaMalt motivated, positive reinforcement training methods using a calm but firm voice are essential. CavaMalt mixed breed dogs are sensitive to harsh commands and rough handling. However, this can cause them to shut down completely. Your CavaMalt will learn basic obedience quickly if you consistently train and show no impatience. Because their bladders are small, housetraining can be difficult, so starting as soon as possible is best.

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Do they get along well with other dogs?

Cav-A-Malts are a friendly mixed breed and will often get along well with other dogs. We can safely say that Maltaliers and Cavaliers are social breeds. As a responsible pet parent, you must check with your peers if they have up-to-date shots.


Can they be good family dogs?

CavaMalts are great family dogs but can also be prone to injury. We recommend CavaMalts only to families with older, calmer children. This designer dog breed is not suited for rough play, particularly for children who are young or hyperactive. A second reason is that small dogs are more prone to biting and nipping when teased. This can still be painful and traumatizing.




Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Mix is an affectionate, friendly designer dog requiring little exercise. Moreover, this breed is popular with many people, including seniors, singles, and apartment dwellers. No matter what group you are part of, you will quickly discover how wonderful a Cavalier Maltese mix is!


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