What’s a Dachshund Maltese Mix breed?

The Dachshund Maltese mix is an irresistible designer dog and a mixed breed. It’s a Maltese Dachshund mix, a cross between the small-legged Dachshunds and the fluffy Maltese. You might not be familiar with Mauxies as they aren’t very common. This is about to change. Continue reading to learn about these small dogs with big personalities.

They can be anxious about being left alone and may suffer from separation anxiety. Because they are not the most patient, Mauxies work well in families with older children. They are not able to handle being treated more roughly by younger children.

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Parent Breed information

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The Maltese dog is a popular choice for older people because of their low energy, small size, and willingness to be companions. Training them can be difficult because they can be stubborn little dog breed’s. Although Maltese is not the best dog, it can be a great companion for those with the right home.

The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1888. It is now a beloved member of the canine family. The Maltese breed is small, friendly and affectionate, making it one of the most loved breeds. The picture shows a round skull, black nose and ears, a short, straight, graceful tail, and dark, alert eyes. He is intelligent, sweet, and loyal to his family. He’s a small toy breed, so he is well-suited for apartment and condo living.



The Dachshund was born in Germany, where he was called the badger dog, and dachs meaning badger. The 15th century saw illustrations of Dachshunds resembling dogs. Documents from the 16th century include descriptions of the “earth dog,” “badger creeper,” or “dachsel”. Badger was not the Dachshunds’ only prey. The American Kennel Club recognizes the Dachshund as sixth among the 155 varieties and breeds.

Dachshunds love to chase anything and are very playful. Their prey drive is high, so they enjoy games like fetch or coursing. They will chase any animal that moves, even small birds and butterflies. This is something to keep in mind if you are considering adopting one.


You might see your Mauxie pup adopting more traits of one parent breed than the other. They might even be a combination of both. You’ll be ready for any temperament your pup might have by learning the traits of the Maltese and the Dachshund.

Dachtese dogs are curious and mischievous. You can’t predict how your Maltese will do as it can adopt the temperaments of one parent breed more than the other.




Dachshund Maltese mix breeds have short, slim bodies and short legs. The Dachshund Maltese mix breed’s coat is short and smooth. It can either be black, brown, or tan. The average weight for this breed is between 4-6 and 20-25 cm.

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A Dachshund Maltese mix can expect to live 12-14 years.


The amount of grooming your puppy will need depends on whether he or she has a Maltese-like long-haired hairstyle or a Dachshund style. Dachshunds have a variety of coats, including wiry, long, and short.

Mauxie puppies often have a thick, textured, and long coats. You should give them gentle grooming once daily to remove any knots. You can then spend some time grooming them once a week.



Health Concerns

Due to the wider selection of genetic material, mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than their parent breeds. This is not a general rule. However, your dog can be healthy because they are a mixed breed. Here are the top Mauxies issues.

  1. Intervertebral Disc Disease.
  2. Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
  3. Canine Glaucoma.



This small breed is full of energy, despite its small size. You can be sure that your little designer dog will spend most of their time alone. Their curious streak will see them snatching into your business at the most inopportune times. They will attack poor beetles, chase butterflies, and bark at leaves. But that doesn’t mean you are free from responsibility. You must dedicate at least an hour each day to your dog’s exercise program.

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Mauxies are challenging to train because of their stubbornness, bossiness, and short attention span. They have inherited this trait from their Dachshund line. They are prone to becoming stubborn and spoiled easily, so you must start training them early so they grow up properly. You must be consistent and firm to ensure that the Mauxie is aware of your concerns.



Can they be good family dogs?

Mauxies are a great choice for many families. However, there are a few things you need to know about your mixed breed dog. You must ensure that someone will stay at the house for most of the day. Separation anxiety can make it difficult for mauxies to be left alone. A dog walker or dog daycare may be an option.

Mauxies work best with families with older children. Mauxies don’t have the patience to be patient, so if your younger child is unintentionally disturbing you by getting on their bed or disturbing you when they want to be alone, snap!

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Are they get along with other pets?

Maltese Dachshund mix are generally good with cats and dogs, provided that introductions are done carefully and under supervision. Both pets must meet in a short, controlled setting where they feel at ease.

Your hybrid dog could inherit the Dachshund’s high prey drive. If you aren’t careful, this can lead to a Mauxie becoming obsessed with small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and even hamsters. Although not all Mauxies will have this tendency, you should consider it if your pets are smaller.





Although Mauxie is a small dog, they have a big personality. These intelligent and brave little dog’s will charm you. You should get at least one long stroll per day for your mixes. Regular training is a great way to build relationships with your dog and keep their minds sharp. Mauxies don’t like being left to their own devices and would rather live with family members.


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