What’s a Maltese Pug Mix breed?

The Maltese Pug Mix is an amalgamation of the Pug and the Maltese. Both breeds are affectionate and loving. Although we cannot make assumptions about hybrid breeds, it is possible to look at parent breeds to get a better idea of the potential dog breed. The resultant mixed breed dog is small and friendly. They are good with people and can get along well with anyone. However, they are not great watchdogs and require little exercise. This makes them ideal for apartments.



Parent breed information



The origins of Maltese, like many ancient breeds, are a matter of dispute. Many authorities believe the Maltese breed was not established in Malta despite its name. Instead, it was found on Meleda, an island close to modern-day Croatia’s Dalmation Coast. The breed was introduced to Malta by Phoenician traders in the early 19th century. Over the past two millennia, the breed has been called many things, including the Maltese Lion Dog and the Ancient Dog of Malta.

This breed is considered a descendant of a Spitz-like dog, used in Southern Europe to hunt in marshes. (Maltese were also used to control rodents). The Maltese was bred to be true since they were kept on the island Malta. In 187, the American Kennel Club recognized Maltese.

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The Pug was designed to be a lap dog. It can also be quite a comedian. A Pug can be described as being a large dog but in a small area. They are part of the American Kennel Club’s Toy Group and are well-known as the “clowns” of the canine world. Their sense of humor is excellent, and they love to perform. They are happy when they have time with their human companion. This can lead to separation anxiety, but they are generally friendly with everyone.

The origins of the Pug are Chinese and date back to the Han Dynasty (B.C. From A.D. 206 to A.D.200. They are believed to be related to the Tibetan Mastiff, according to some historians. The Emperors and Queens of China highly prized them. Sometimes they even lived with soldiers. After the Civil War, pugs were brought to America by the American Kennel Club. In 1885, the breed was officially recognized.




Two little dog breeds are the Maltipug’s ancestors. He is a loving companion dog and a loyal lapdog. He is small but a strong protector of his human parent. Your Maltese Pug Mix may act a bit snappy around children if its owner spoils it.

Also, these dogs can be responsive, energetic, and entertaining if properly trained. However, if they become too dependent on their owner or are not socialized well enough, they can become insecure, stubborn, and sometimes even yappy. This combination of breeds is generally very open to upbeat training methods. However, too many or repetitive sessions can lead to stubbornness or mischievousness from the Maltese Pug Mix.


Your Maltese Pug Mix will likely tip the scales at 8-14 inches high and 7-20 pounds.

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The Maltese Pug Mix is not the easiest dog to train. However, it has its own mind and will take charge of training sessions when given the opportunity. This means owners must be firm but fair and not allow the dog to do anything untoward.

A Maltese Pug Mix can develop small dog syndrome, a disorder that causes a Maltese Pug Mix’s dog to think they are the boss. This happens when the dog becomes impulsive and controlling and often becomes difficult to get along with. It is usually caused by a dog that has been misunderstood as cute and who has allowed its designer dog to be too playful. This behavior can be prevented by sensible training.




Each parent breed is susceptible to a variety of diseases. Although they are less common in hybrid dogs, they cannot be eliminated.

  • Dry Eye (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca)
  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Porto-Systemic Shunts
  • Periodontal Disease



The life expectancy for the Maltese Pug Mix is between 12 and 15 years.

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Coat and Color

The Maltese Pug Mix combines a short-haired and a long-haired dog to create a heavy shedder dog. Your Maltese Pug Mix pup will need less grooming but more frequent trips to the groomer if he prefers the Maltese’s longer hair. He will need to brush more often if he has a shorter coat than the Pug. He should be brushed regularly because he is susceptible to dental problems.



Activity Requirements

Although the Maltese Pug Mix can be playful and energetic, it doesn’t need much exercise. This canine needs between 20 to 40 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. This little dog breed can be stimulated indoors with games like hide-a-treat or fetch. The hybrid can be house-trained in an apartment or larger home. However, it is less active than the parent breeds and may feel more comfortable indoors.

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Are These Canine Friends Good for Families?

To assess the potential characteristics of hybrid dog breeds, it is crucial to examine their parent breeds. Because most hybrid breeds don’t have much history, it is essential to look at the parent breeds in order to assess how they will behave and react.

The Maltese can be a great companion dog, but their older owners prefer it. The Maltese is not a good companion dog and can be difficult to get along with children if his owner has been very spoilt. He can be very snappy and yappy with children. His size can mean he shouldn’t be left alone with children under his care, as he could get hurt inadvertently.


Do they get along well with other pets?

As a rule, the Maltese and Pug breeds get along well with other dogs. The Pug will likely wag his tail and chase after anything that seems exciting. Although the Maltese may be more reserved, he is still excited about the possibility of a new friend. Both parents were bred to be companion dogs. They shouldn’t be able to drive a prey. If you socialize your puppy at an early age, it shouldn’t be difficult to introduce a Malti Pug Mix to other animals.




The Maltese Pug mix combines the Pug, one of the smallest toy breeds, with the Pug, one of its largest. Both can be loved and cared for in an apartment or house. Despite being energetic and bright little dogs, they both require minimal exercise and have very few dietary needs. The Malti Pug Mix has a big personality. It is a mix of the alert Pug and the playful Maltese.


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