The Cane Corso dog, an Italian Mastiff breed that is fairly large, is known for its loyalty. The Corso was originally bred to be a working dog. Today, it is used for hunting and herding cattle. This versatile dog breed can also be a wonderful family pet, and is well-suited for homes with older children or other pets. You might be wondering if Cane Corso can be aggressive if you are considering adopting one. Let’s see if Cane Corso is an aggressive dog.



Is Cane Corso aggressive dog?

Cane Corsi have a tendency to be aggressive due to their territorial, guarding, and protective nature. They are not friendly dogs for strangers or animals. To prevent them from becoming aggressive, it is important to train them early. Cane Corso can be more difficult to socialize and train than other breeds. However, dogs over 100 pounds are not necessarily harder to handle. A dog this much large is not for everyone.

Are Cane Corsos dangerous dog breeds?

Cane Corso Italiano can be intimidating because of their large size. Females can weigh from 88 to 99 pounds while males can weigh in at between 100 and 110 pounds. However, just because they are large doesn’t automatically make them aggressive. The Corso is described as loving, calm, and gentle.

A Cane Corso, just like other dogs, can become aggressive when they aren’t properly trained and socialized. A Corso can become aggressive towards other people and animals if they are not given the right training. The Corso is a great addition to any family if they are taught obedience and given lots of positive reinforcement.

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What can make a Cane Corso become aggressive?

Cane Corso Italiano can be aggressive for many reasons. They can be aggressive because of fear, possessiveness, or social behavior. These are just a few of the factors that may contribute to their aggressive behavior.



Large dog breeds like the Cane Corso can be aggressive out of fear or feel the need to defend their territory. This could be due to a lack in socialization, bad experiences with other dogs, or abusive behavior by an owner.


Aggressive Behavior

This is most common when multiple dogs live in the same household.¬†If they sense that there is a disturbance, the ‚ÄúAlpha‚ÄĚ can sometimes be aggressive towards a new member of their pack.

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Territorial/Possessive Behavior

Cane Corsi are prone to show their attachment to the things that matter most. You could think of their dog’s favorite toy, food, owner, or dog treats.



What Factors Influence Cane Corso Aggression?


The Cane Corso is a descendant of working dogs and their genes play a role in their temperament. Aggression is not a common trait in Corso dogs. Any dog can be loyal and loving with the right training and environment.



All dogs need to be socialized, but it is especially important for Corso breeds. Your puppy will be exposed to different people, animals and situations early on. They learn to communicate with animals and other people by being exposed to new situations.

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Obedience Training

A Corso must be trained like all dogs. Your Corso will learn how to behave around other dogs and understand the expectations. They are more likely to exhibit dominant behaviors that can lead to aggression if they don’t have obedience training.


Each dog is unique and has its own personality. While one Corso might be more laid back and easygoing than another, others may be more energetic and high-strung. It’s impossible for anyone to predict how your Corso will end up. However, socialization early and obedience training can help shape their personalities.


The way you raise your Corso can have an impact on how they behave. They will be more open to receiving the love and respect that they deserve. If you neglect their needs or treat them poorly, they might become aggressive to protect themselves.



What if my Cane Corso is aggressive towards other dogs?

Cane Corsi, as we have already stated, are not friendly towards strangers. This is true for all breeds of dog. Also, These are reasons to consider if you are thinking of buying this breed. Cane Corsos are considered large dog breeds and can attack other dogs, especially in public areas.

A Cane Corso may be able to live with other dogs, but they might show aggression towards the same sex. They will get along with other puppies if they are raised together. However, they may try to dominate their dominance.

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How to Prevent your Cane Corso from Being Aggressive

Socialization¬†‚Äď It is believed that the first 16 weeks of a Cane Corso‚Äôs life are critical.¬†It is important to take your dog on walks to discover new places and meet other dogs.¬†It can make them more friendly to strangers.

Obedience¬†Training ‚Äď You should start obedience training as soon as your child is young.¬†This breed of dog is very loyal to its owner.¬†Because of their independence, they are easy to train.¬†It is not a good idea to wait for them to reach adolescence.¬†You may have difficulty training otherwise.

Exercise: To ensure that any stored energy is released, your dog needs to be exercised regularly. This includes both mental stimulation and physical exercise. Regular exercise can reduce aggression and other destructive behaviors.

Leadership practices: A Cane Corso can observe your behavior and challenge you to be more assertive. If you want to show leadership, tell your dog to be still before you feed him.

Prevent Aggressive Acts Your dog might exhibit mild aggressive behavior like growling, staring at strangers, barking, and even staring at them. This can be prevented by teaching your dog obedience commands.

Do not encourage aggression. Members of this breed are naturally guardians and often suspicious of strangers, animals, and sometimes objects. It is not necessary to teach your dog to be cautious in new situations. Excessive praise and encouragement (when they are growling, acting anxious/aggressive) can lead to an aggressive dog.




Talk to a Behaviorist

Because of its size and work history, this breed of dog can be difficult to manage. Moreover, Before making any decisions regarding your Cane Corso’s future, consult an animal behaviorist if you are unable to manage his aggression issues. Talk to your vet or local trainer if you don’t know of behaviorists. These people will often be able give you advice about where to get additional help for your dog.



So, Is Cane Corso aggressive dog breed? The Cane Corso can be a wonderful addition to any family. They are loyal and affectionate dogs. Although they were originally bred to be war dogs, the Cane Corso has taken on a new role of loyal protectors of their families.


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