What’s a Maltese Spaniel mix dog?

A Maltese spaniel mix is a cross of the Maltese and a Cocker Spaniel. They make an adorable, small, intelligent, and affectionate pet for your family. It’s also known as a Silky Cocker. A Cocker Spaniel-Maltese mix is a designer breed that was accidentally bred. Their long, silky, beautiful coats are a prized possession. If well trained, a Cocker spaniel Maltese cross is easy to live and be with.



Parent Breed Information

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is a name that rolls off the tongue. It reflects the Spaniel’s actual appearance – a graceful, small, and elegant dog with a reputation for good behavior and being well-balanced. Although the Cocker Spaniel is most beloved as a companion dog, they are also a strong bird dog. The Cocker Spaniel is beautiful to look at and labor-intensive to groom. Their friendly, happy disposition makes them an excellent addition to the family.

The Spaniel family is the lineage of the modern Cocker Spaniel. This large breed dates back to antiquity. It is believed that spaniels are Spanish dogs and the word spaniel means “Spanish dog”. In the 1800s, Spaniels could be divided into two types: companions (primarily) and hunting dogs (primarily large). Hunting dogs could be further separated into water and land spaniels. For his outstanding performance in field hunting woodcock, the Cocker Spaniel was so named. The American Kennel Club recognized in 1946 that the American Cocker Spaniel was distinct from the English Cocker Spaniel.



The Maltese dog is an adorable bundle of joy. This breed was once a royal lapdog. The breed is gentle, friendly, playful, energetic, and bold. They love to play, run and stand up to larger dogs. The Maltese are the oldest dog breed and one of the most popular European toy breeds.

Charles Darwin placed this breed in the past 6000 B.C. While no one is 100% certain where the Maltese came from, the majority believe they are from Malta, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. This gives the breed its name. In 1877, the American Kennel Club recognized the Maltese dog.



It is not an accident that the Cocker Spaniels and Maltese are two of the most beloved dog breeds. Maltese spaniel mix dog breed’s are friendly and lively and can adapt to all families. The Silky Cocker is a small, energetic dog that loves everyone. Silky Cocker is a true companion and fiercely loyal to his family. Silky Cockers are loyal dogs who form strong relationships with their owners. They love to go with their owners everywhere.




Silk Cockers can also grow to heights of between 10 and 16 inches, making them a certified toy breed. This designer dog breed can weigh in at 15-30 pounds when fully grown.



You can gain a good idea of how long your pet will live by comparing the lives of their parent breed. This hybrid can live up to 12-15 years if it is given the right care and has optimal conditions.

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Silky Cockers are likely to experience the same health problems as Cocker Spaniels or Maltese dogs.

Here are some diseases to be aware of

  • Eye and skin diseases
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Eyesight problems
  • Dental problems



Coat and Color

The Silky Cocker is small and lightweight, with a silky, long coat. The soft, wavy coat can be either straight or curled and comes in many colors. The most common colors are apricot and black, as well as cream, chocolate, cream, red, and gold. Silky Cockers’ coat is often long and reaches the ground, flowing gracefully when the dog walks.


The Cocker Spaniel sheds, even though the Maltese has a single coat and is not hypoallergenic. The Silky Cocker mixed breed is therefore not hypoallergenic and sheds moderately. It is important to brush the coat daily to keep it in good shape and prevent mats and tangles. It is recommended to brush your dog’s coat with a slicker brush or a metal comb. You should expect to attend regular grooming appointments if you have a Silky Cocker mixed breed in your home. Silky Cockers should be bathed frequently and professionally groomed no less than once a month. To prevent staining, you may need to regularly clean the eyes. You should trim your claws and clean your ears and teeth regularly.

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Silky Cocker mixed breed dog is a playful, energetic dog. These hybrids require a little more exercise than your average dog. This is due to their Cocker Spaniel hunting genes. You should ensure your pet gets at least 45-60 minutes of exercise each day to keep them healthy. You can split this into walks around the block, visits to the dog park, or engaging in fetch in your fenced backyard.




The Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix cross is one of the easiest dogs to train. They are intelligent and love to please their masters. Silky Cockers are also naturally curious, which makes them a great choice for training. This dog is very responsive to praise and rewards.

Bring a bag of treats when you train a Maltese and Cocker Spaniel mix dog. For every correct command, give them a treat. This will make them more confident and eager to learn. Begin with basic housebreaking commands such as sit, stay, and stop. You can move on to more complicated stuff such as leash walking and dog bell potty training.

A Silky Cocker’s mental stimulation is constant and encourages good behavior. A Cocker Spaniel Maltese Cocker Spaniel dog is a prey-driver. This is due to their Spaniel parent, who is a natural hunter.


Can they be good family dogs?

The Silky Cocker is a popular breed. It has many appealing qualities. This hybrid is a great choice for any household, thanks to its beautiful looks and easygoing personality. The Silky Cocker is a great choice for seniors and singles looking for companion animals or a pet to add to the family.




Although the Maltese-Cocker Spaniel cross dog is easy to train, they may need a little more help with potty training. The American Kennel Club does not recognize the Silky Cocker. The Silky Cocker puppies will not have an official pedigree paper.


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